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Sussman Machinery(Wuxi) Co.,Ltd
Sussman Machinery(Wuxi) Co.,Ltd
Sussman Machinery(Wuxi) Co.,Ltd
Sussman Machinery(Wuxi) Co.,Ltd
Sussman Machinery(Wuxi) Co.,Ltd
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Sussman Machinery(Wuxi) Co.,Ltd
  • Sussman Machinery(Wuxi) Co., Ltd. is specialized in Roll forming machinery. Since the factory found on 2008, it’s always design and produce various.

  • Sussman will inform all its Buyers about any upgrades and significant product improvements. Sussman will provide equipment modifications as confirmed.

  • We have more than 16 years history, every year one small step, every decade, big step. Looking forward the future!

  • Sussman Machinery have an strong team and big family. We working together, and We grow up together. We are fighters, We are unicorn!

Get Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine & Stud And Track Roll Forming Machine Now!

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Main Market
  • Worldwide
Business Type
  • Manufacturer
  • Importer
  • Exporter
Other Details
  • Brands : Sussman Machinery
  • No. of Employees : 50~100
  • Annual Sales : 150million -300million
  • Year Established : 2008
  • Export p.c : 70% - 80%

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The main products of factory is light gauge framing machine, pre-painted steel forming machine, Glazed Tile forming machine, Automatical C/Z Purlin forming machine, Floor Deck forming machine, Guardrail forming machine, Down Pipe forming machine, The whole carriage plate for car beam unit , Steel storage unit, etc. Totally it has 100 types in 20 serious. The products are widely used in warehouse, factory buildings, supermarket, Nursing homes, villas, residential, greenhouse and other construction projects. Our factory can meet the construction enterprises, automobile industry, iron and steel production enterprises’s growing demand.



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